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My previous 3D graphics experience was with OpenGL standalone apps. In porting this display capability to the web I wanted to set up a package which would become my standard platform for web apps. There are a number of 3D graphics things I had worked thru which seemed would be valuable if shared.

We stand on the shoulders of giants.
This set of web pages is based most directly on the well known Learning webGL tutorials.

  Tutorial00   The Package. These tutorials have been implemented as an Eclipse project which runs under both Google App Engine, and Apache TomCat. Have used jquery ajax to enable diagnostic server console print statements to better enable javascript debugging.

  Tutorial01   A point, two lines, three lines, a triangle, and two triangles.
A full working set of the code needed to draw the simplest of objects. Includes which way is up, two points of view, and how to not draw the half of the drawing you (usually) can't see anyway

Tutorial02   Color

Tutorial03   Animation

Tutorial04   Drawing 3D Colored Objects

Tutorial05   Rendering 3D Objects: Materials and Lighting
Keyboard motion control:   forward&backward   left&right   up&down   pitch   roll   yaw

Tutorial06   Tweening:Shapes and Tweening Materials

Tutorial07   Textures

Tutorial08   Text

Tutorial09   Scene Based Movement
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